Coming to a place for the first time would create you anxiety as to where you get a hotel. However, lucky for us nowadays that we have the internet to research in advance so that you can find a hotel to accommodate you during your stay in a place. If you want to come to the Philippines, I would advice you to get a cheaper hotel. You know, that when travel you really need money and getting a five star hotel would be impractical because you will walk all day long to see the beauty of the place you are visiting and you only stay in your hotel during night time for sleep. In the Philippines, we have a lot of hotels. You can always get a hotel that really suit your budget. When you come to the southern part of the Philippines, do not think about the news that you have watch on TV. Southern Philippines is generally peaceful. The gateway to Mindanao is Cagayan de Oro. You can see a lot of beautiful tourist spots in the city. It is also near to malls and ecotourism. I find a hotel that I can recommend. The Chali’s Beach Resort is good for you to stay. It is along the highway and along the beach. You can always find a taxi for you to go to the city proper and enjoy the night life of the city. I have gathered several pictures below for you to see.

Chali's Cottages

Cottages in Chali’s Beach Resort covered with green trees.


Chali's Beach Front

Beach Front of the Resort. You can feel the serenity of the place.


Chali's Swimming Pool

If you don’t like to swim in the beach, you can swim in the pool instead.

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