Excitement during travel is always there, but anywhere you go there are terrible experience you may encounter during your journey. I want to share in this blog my horrible experience during my travel to different countries including my local travel here in the Philippines. I hope you will enjoy and learn from my reaction and the things I have done when I face the dilemma.

The Lost Tripod

It was my first time to travel alone out of the country. Usually, I travel with my wife and kids. But this time I travel alone and I got a stopover in Abu Dhabi. When I check-in my luggages at Manila Airport, I was told by the attendant that I could not hand-carry my tripod. So, I decided to include it in my check-in luggages. Since I have 22 hours of stay at the airport in Abu Dhabi, I decided to go out and arranged my transit visa via online prior to my trip. I enjoyed my 22-hours of stay in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, after the enjoyment around the 2 cities in UAE, I went back and check-in again for my flight to Istanbul but to my dismay, the attendant told me that she couldn’t locate my check-in luggages from Manila Airport. After 2 long hours of seaching, I finally, overheard the handheld radio of the attendant that my luggages were already located. However, when I arrived in Istanbul, I got my luggages without the presence of the tripod. Again, I went to several offices and finally found the office concern for lost luggages but still to no avail. The airline told me that they will mail my tripod as soon as they could retrieve it but until now, there is no tripod that I received from the airline.

Sleeping at Airport Floor in Manila

this is where i will sleep tonight. thank you cebupacific for a flight cancelled.

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The announcement at the airport that my flight was delayed echoed the second time. I felt so anxious that my flight would be cancelled because of the non-cooperation of the weather. In the third announcement, I finally, heard my flight bound for Laguindingan Airport was cancelled. I hurried up to the ticket attendant and queued for ticket rebooking. The earliest flight for me would be the next day at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. So, I decided to take another flight at the nearby airport to land on, and the nearest airport is at Ozamis City airport. I have to grab it because the flight available was early morning the next day. Despite my flight schedule was rebooked at the early morning the next day, I still need to go out the airport to get some sleep. However, rain was so heavy to bear, so I decided to sleep at the airport. I have no bed, and my pillow was just my bag that I hand-carried. Another experienced of sleeping at the airport was when I arrived from Istanbul earlier prior to the time I expected to fly back to my hometown. I arrived 11pm, almost midnight. My next flight would be in the morning the next day. I have no choice except to sleep at the airport because I was so tired from my 14-hours flight from Istanbul.

Lost in Purwokerto, Jakarta

It was agreed the previous day that the bus shall leave at 8:30am to the venue of our seminar. However, I was left behind because the organizer of the conference told me to transfer to another hotel room. I kept on waiting for the organizer but they did not arrived early. I was so anxious to attend the first period of the conference. So, I decided to leave and let the hotel roomboys transferred my things. However, when I went to the hotel lobby, the bus was no longer there. So, I took a taxi and asked the attendant to tell the taxi driver that I should be deliver to UNSOED, the university of Purwokerto where our seminar was held. However, the driver deliver me to another university campus. I was not aware that the there are two university campuses of UNSOED. My problem arose when the driver could not speak English and he could not understand me telling that I was delivered in a wrong destination. Since we could not understand each other, I decided to look for a faculty member of the university. I kept on looking to the taxi meter because it continously counting. The faculty member then asked me what department sponsored the conference. I told that it was the faculty of medicine, so he called someone from that department and I was delivered to my destination safely. However, I paid Rupiah 145,000 to the driver. Such a big amount. I pick up my mobile phone I converted it to Philippine peso, It cost me Php491.

Wegolo’s Online Booking Inefficiency

I planned ahead with my travel to Indonesia to get a cheaper ticket. I am not used to booking through third party online ticketing. I used to book ticket directly to the airline’s website. This time I tried booking at Cheapflights.com.ph. However, Cheapflights also refer your desired ticket to another online ticketing. In my case, I was referred to Wegolo.com. I booked immediately using my credit card as I have seen that my tickets were really cheap compared to other online ticketing. But when I booked my ticket, it showed an error telling me that my booking code was not confirm, Please contact our support team. So, I contacted their support team through email but the support team did not bother to reply quickly. Their website as well has no telephone contact numbers. I was so bothered since the booking cost me Php12,000. I contacted my credit card company for verification if there was a ticket online booking transaction. My credit card company responded me in the affirmative. After few days of worries, I received an email from Wegolo.com and refunded me the exact amount what I paid online. However, because of the peso-dollar exchange, I was deducted with Php1000.


This was my ticket booking with failed confirmation

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