I have been a subscriber of Globe Landline since 2010. I subscribe their Combo package of the internet and landline. Since then I enjoyed using Globe but in 2014 they offer another package with unlimited call from landline to Globe and TM mobile subscribers. I decided then that I will shift to this package so that I can avail the unlimited calls. However, they won’t allow it because there were technical issues during the time that I did apply. Unless, you will have your line cut and apply for another account. But, I don’t like the arrangement because I need to change my landline number.

Lately, the technical issue is no longer exist. So, I decided then to avail the unlimited call to Globe and TM Subscribers. My application was approved but I need to lock my account for one year being with Globe. When the application was approve, I was surprised that I still couldn’t make a call. I went back to Globe Center and asked why. Here is the solution. Unlocking the telephone set from making IDD and NDD call.

To lock, press #570 then 2(for NDD & IDD) then pin(1234) then #. Example: #57021234#

To unlock, press #571 then 2(for NDD & IDD) then pin(1234) then #. Example: #57121234#

To change pin, press #575 then default pin(1234) * then new pin(personal pin) then * then new pin(type new pin again) then #. Example: #5751234*4321*4321#

If this won’t work. Try to call the Customer service for further instruction.

I hope this will help you.

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