Note: Please be advised that this article is no longer applicable due to the new processing of the Turkish Embassy for applying Visa for Filipinos. You can still read this article for reference purposes. Please see related article on how to apply Turkish Visa online in this website

How to apply Turkish Visa in the Philippines?

 It was my first time to apply for a Visa to other country by my own. I was quite excited with my travel as it was also the first time I travelled alone outside Asia. Istanbul is actually partly Europe and Partly Asia. Accordingly, it is the only city that has two continents. Well, I have not verified it. I got my ticket from Etihad Airways. I booked the same with a travel agency in Manila, though; I am living in Iligan City, southern part of the Philippines. My ticket allowed me to stay at the Airport in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for 22 hours. I imagined staying at the airport doing nothing. So, I decided to get a transit visa in Abu Dhabi (I will write another blog for this.)

 This blog might be helpful to those Filipino who are dreaming of going to Turkey to see the lovely place.

 I have called the embassy of Turkey before I went to Manila. However, phone inquiries to the Embassy of Turkey are not the solution as they refused to give information by phone.

 I researched through the internet and got their Address:

The Embassy of Turkey in Manila



Before you go to the Address written above you have to prepare your documents so that your visa may be approved. The following are the requirements for visit visa application. Sorry, for those who are planning to apply for Business Visa application, this might be supplementary only to your application but this might not be the main source of information in getting a Visa.

 The Requirements in getting the Turkish Visa:

1.      1.  Complete the application form which is downloadable in the website of the Turkish Embassy. However, when you arrive at the Embassy, forms are also available.

2.      2. You have to attach a passport size photo in the completed application form.

3.      3.  Photocopy of the first two pages of your passport bearing your personal information.

4.       4.  Certificate of employment

5.      5. Your latest Income Tax Return

6.     6.   Bank Certificate. There is no amount requirement but I estimated my cost of going to Turkey and I deposited it to my account.

7.     7.    Letter of invitation. In my case I attended a Global Peace Workshop. So, the organizer sent me letter of invitation for Visa application.

8.     8.  Hotel Accommodation. In my case again, the organizer of the workshop indicated in my letter of invitation that my accommodation and meals are all shouldered by them.

9.       9.    The round trip ticket.

 When you have all the documentary requirements, you must bring them to the Turkish Embassy in Manila. The location of the embassy is inside Dasmarinas Village. You are not allowed to go inside walking or bringing your own car. You have to ride the village shuttle. The cost of the shuttle is Php150. The shuttle will deliver you in front of the gate of the embassy. I intended to apply for a multiple entry visa as the workshop finale would be sightseeing in Batumi, Georgia; however, I was only allowed to get a single entry visa. It costs Php2500. Take note also that the Embassy is open only during Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. No visa application during Wednesday. Visa will be released after 10 days from the date of submission of your documents.

 Good luck on your journey to Turkey.

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104 Comments on How to apply Turkish Visa in the Philippines?

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi, can i ask which travel agencies can i have my turkish visa processed with?

    • hi carlos, I am sorry there is no travel agencies which process turkish visa. I am sure of that because I am from mindanao, I dont like to come to Manila just for this purpose but I have no choice.

  2. Rosine Irina M. Fabria says:

    I have a question because my boyfriend is the one inviting me for a 2 weeks visit in istabul Turkey. He’s been living in Turkey for 4 years now and is running business in there. But he is not turkish, his nationality is Nigerian. Does he have to provide an invitation letter for me addressed to the Turkey Embassy in te Philippines? If so, what other documents does he have to submit. Thank you.

  3. Shane says:

    hi, do you need to make an appointment first before going to Embassy? Is the interviewer not strict at all? I will be processing my Turkish visa hopefully by next week.Am glad they don’t have any amount requirement for bank cert. Thanks!

    • hi shane, the embassy is not so strict as compared to other embassy. no need for an appointment. just go to the embassy any day except weekends and wednesdays and bring the necessary requirements.

  4. Chricelda says:

    hello. what if i’m a student and the trip is just a gift for me. but i’m going alone. (by the way im turning 22). is it possible just to have this requirements

    Completed application form. Form is provided at the embassy.
    2. Passport-size photo. To be attached on the form.
    3. Passport and photocopy of the first two pages.
    . Original Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the embassy.

    (good thing i have a friend in turkey) If invited by a Turkish national – Original invitation letter must be notarized in Turkey, affidavit of support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the Turkish IDs and other supporting documents.
    . Round-trip airline ticket.

  5. Roperto says:

    I would like to ask if the 10 day includes saturday and sunday?
    Thank you…

  6. Kyle Christian Manejero says:

    Hello. Ako nga pala si Kyle, from Iloilo. Na-qualified po ako sa Turkiye Scholarship 2014 ngayon at balak ko po sana na pumunta sa Turkish Embassy sa Manila after they email me. Sabi nila dalhin ko yung original documents para sa rechecking at kung ma approve ito mag apply agad sa student visa at yung fee ay 2600. Pero ano yung qualifications/requirements para sa student visa na nais kung mag aral sa Turkey. Salamat po at God bless. Yung tentative date ko na flight ay sa Thursday ata – Aug.14 at kasama yung mama ko. Ano pa yung tips na pwedeng malaman para maging successful po?

    • hi kyle,

      I am sorry I was not able to attend your query because spams are queuing in my notification. My answer could be useless because you needed it before Aug 14. I hope you had a successful interview.

  7. Kate says:

    Hi..I apply for Turkish visa a week ago..I bring all the document more than they need…but they refused me to give visa for unknown reason..and they stamp my passport…is that affect me for applying visa in other embassy.. And can I reapply for the visa..when I can reapply…please help me about it coz I don’t know who to ask

    • Hi kate,

      I am sorry to hear that. I could not give you exact advice as I have not experienced visa denial. But I could give you a simple tip. Always be honest in your interview. On the other hand, I don’t think your denied application could affect your visa application to other embassy. As what i’ve told you, be transparent always. I applied for a US visa last June, I declared in my income that is really impossible to afford to travel in the US and yet the embassy approved my application. I hope you will have successful approval in your next visa application. More power!

  8. Shaira says:

    do i have to be a relative of the person sending the letter of invitation? what other requirement does the person inviting require?

    • Hi Shaira,

      Yes, an invitation is very important. The consul is trying to assure that there could be a person that they can look with in case something’s happen to you in their country. Good luck again!

  9. Shaira says:

    do i have to go myself or can i send another person?

  10. laarnie says:

    Can I ask I am not employed and this trip is just a gift from a friend in turkey do I still need to present an employment certificate ang ITR?

    • Hi Laarnie,

      Employment certificate is a basic requirement. However, if you are not employed, how could you present one. Just be honest that you are not employed and that your travel is just a gift from a friend. On the other hand, the BIR would always give you an ITR even if you are tax exempt. It is a requirement for a good citizen to file ITR annually even if you have no income. So, please get one and include it in your requirement to get a visa. Good luck.

  11. Merce says:

    Hi Mr. Sol,

    Im here in Qatar and will finish my work contract this December. When I reach Philippines, Im planning to get turkish visa there. Can i submit my Certificate of Employment from here, even my work is already finished. Also, should ticket be confirmed or can i give only booking? Thanks

    • Hi Merce,

      I don’t advice to use the employment certificate in your previous employer. It seems you are not telling the truth if you will submit it. Remember the purpose of employment certificate is to give assurance that you have to be back in the Philippines or from the place where you are working. Also, ticket booking must be confirmed. Good luck!

  12. Princess says:

    Hi ask ko lng po sana if needs ko p po ba gumawa ng certificate of employment?or dti nlng po,may small business nmn po ako at nka indicate po dun ang name ko as the owner.magkano po b nids n balance s banko ang kelangn pra maapprove nila ang visa ?and pagdating po ba s embassy ipa file lang po ba ung application without interview or interview pa po?in that case ano po possible question nila?thank u po!

    • hi Princess,

      If you have no employment certificate, you can submit your business permit. DTI certificate is usually not honoured as the same is only a certificate of name registration. It should be your latest business permit. Second, they did not require enough balance in your bank account. However, it is logical to note that you have to present a bank balance which must be enough for your travel. Third, interview is necessary. The consul will personally ask something that is relevant to your travel and the documents you submitted. Good luck.

  13. L-A lang says:

    Hi, what type of visa should i get? since you said business visa may not be the source of information on this? may I ask what type of visa did you get? I have been invited by a company and they will shouldered all expenses so I’m not sure if I should get the business or tourist? thank you!

    • Hi L-A lang,

      You can get a tourist visa. What I mean with business visa is if you do business in turkey and stay there for long. If you will stay in Turkey for a short period of time you may apply for a tourist visa. Turkey has a different visa when you stay there for a long duration. Good luck in your stay to Turkey.


  14. Jel says:

    Hello Sir!

    Would you mind sharing which travel agency you booked with? Will go to Turkey on Oct 19 and if you had a good experience with them, would like to book my tickets (and possible tours) with them. Thank you!

  15. Angie says:

    Hello Sir,
    Pwede po ba i submit ang COR instead of ITR? Kahapon lang po ang nagpa register sa BIR. Freelance musician po ako, hindi po ako makapag provide ng cert of employment.
    Thank you po..

    • hi Angie,

      Just try to bring your COR but they really nee an ITR. Anyways, it is justifiable as you are a freelance musician. but if you can provide an ITR even if you are exempt from tax, that would be better. Thanks and Good luck.


  16. EDMOND says:

    may oras po ba nag shuttle sa embassy?im from travel agency pwde po ba magfile ang travel agent dun sa embassy?ty

    • hi Edmond,

      Yes, may oras po ang shuttle. That shuttle is not actually from the embassy, it is a shuttle of the subdivision. I am sorry I couldn’t give you any information regarding filing of a travel agent. kasi po requirement po ang personal appearance. And what I know is there is no appointment in the embassy, all visa applicants are walk-in. So, all you need to do is to bring your applicant to the Embassy. I hope I gave you the information you need. more power.


  17. Ysabelle Garcia says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask if you have to personally claim your passport after, say 10 days of processing? Or are they going to mail the passport to you? Reason I ask is because I am also from Mindanao so its a bit of a hassle to go back again to Manila. Thank you! Your post is very helpful. Btw, I also heard they have an office in Cebu. Do you by any chance know if they process visas too?

    • hi Ysabelle,

      the usual procedure is you have to get back to manila to pick your visa. however, in my case i befriend one of the guards and ask him to send my visa through courier service. I just gave him a little amount enough for him to send my visa including the taxi fare. on the one hand, I called their consular office in cebu but they won’t process visa application.

      I would suggest if you have a relative in manila, just issue your relative authorisation to get visa and send it to you in Mindanao.

      thank you. Hope you will share my blog.


  18. marivel says:

    hello how to aply visa,because my fiancee in turkey said to me to getting married there,all documents he send to me, i have all document my fiancee also calling in embassy in manila.plzzz

    • hi marivel,

      I have provided the steps in applying for Turkish visa. Bring all your necessary documents at the Turkish Embassy in Manila. There is no schedule needed just go there and present your docs. Remember the embassy is closed during weekends and wednesdays. Good luck.


  19. jeassa says:

    Hi! Itatanong ko lang po sana kung ano ang mga requirements pag kukuha ng working visa? Na hire po kasi ako as a nanny. Thanks po.

    • hi Jeassa,

      I have written this blog to share what I learned in getting a tourist visa. I haven’t experience yet getting a working visa. Sorry, I could not give you any information as regards to your query. thank you and good luck.


  20. cleo says:

    hello! just want to know if the e-visa thing is alright? or should i go to the embassy? thanks!

    • hi cleo,

      I haven’t tried yet in Turkish Visa, what I have tried is UAE E-visa. I just printed the visa via email and present it at the immigration when I arrived in Abu Dhabi. Very convenient. Please visit my previous blog related to online visa application in Abu Dhabi. Good luck!

  21. Araceli says:

    Hello Mr. Sol,
    Thank u so much for this blog that u have shared it really help me. I am planning to apply a tourist visa next year going to turkey. May i ask u sir, is the visa fee is still 2,500 or it increase also after a year? I am planning to stay long in turkey becoz i have a bf there a turkey citizen is tourist visa applicable to me? thank u so much and God bless u.


    • Hi Araceli,

      thank you for contacting us. If your stay in Turkey is to visit your boyfriend then it is logical to get a tourist visa. Please contact the embassy as regards to the payment of the visa. I was there last 2013 and I think this will increase depending on the Peso-Dollar rate. I hope this would answer you queries. Good luck.

  22. Araceli says:

    Thank u so much Mr. Sol. In 2013 how much is the air ticket, so that i have knowledge about the fare. Again thank u.

  23. YRP1579 says:

    hi Mr. Sol,
    I just wanna ask if its ok that I don’t have an invitation letter from anybody in Turkey? Although, I have all the other documents.
    My friend from Italy will meet me there in Istanbul for a 5-day vacation.

    • YRP1579,

      Yes, you can always go to Turkey even if you have no invitation. Just prove your ties here in the Philippines and that you have the intention to return back to the Philippines. Also, prove your capacity to travel by providing a bigger amount in the bank. Good luck in your travel.


  24. Angie says:

    Hi Mr.Sol,
    Na submit ko na po papers ko sa embassy, kinuha po nila ang original papers and passport ko,sabi po ng secretary, antay ko nlang dw po ung tawag, ilang days po kaya bago sila tumawag? Kailangan pa po ba ipa red ribbon ang papers para sa immigration natin dito sa manila?
    Thank you po

    • Hi Angie,

      congrats! Once your passport is hold by the embassy, it means your visa is approve. On the other hand, red ribbon is only required if you will apply for work in Turkey. The purpose of which is to prove that your school papers and other certificates or diploma are authentic. Enjoy your trip to Turkey.


  25. Mae says:

    Hello Mr.Sol,They already get my all requirements and passport.. Is this the sign that they will give me visa?

  26. Katherine Toprakli says:

    Hi Mr. Sol,
    I am married with turkish…I’m planning to visit turkey with our 5 month old baby…I have no idea if we need to get tourist or family visit visa??? And what would be the requirements of my baby?
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Katherine,

      I don’t have much experience relating to your query. However, I can advice you to go to the Turkish Embassy for details. Your visa will depend on the Turkish Law regarding spouse visa. As regards to your baby, that would depend also on the birth principle they are following. If they follow the Jus Sanguinis Principle then your baby is automatic turkish citizen but if they follow the Jus Soli Principle then it would depend on where the baby is born. As i read the wikipedia, turkey is following the Jus Sanguinis Principle, if this is the case you just come to the Turkish embassy and bring some proof of birth and citizenship of the father. If you can prove that the Father is a Turkish Citizen then the embassy will just issue a Turkish Passport to your baby. (N.B. Logically, your baby can have both Philippine Passport and Turkish Passport) Good luck.


  27. Jey says:

    Hi Mr. Sol,
    My mom searching for an agency that provide Turkey Visit Visa at nabasa ko po dito na sabi nyu nga po eh wala pong angency so need na pumunta talaga sa The Embassy of Turkey in Manila, tama po ba to?

    and ask ko na din po if how much yung cost nung Turkey Visit Visa, Thanks po,. 🙂

    • Hi jey,

      I found a hard time trying to search for an agency who will assist me to get a visa from turkey. Even if there is, agency is not a help since you will be the one to apply personally. As regards to payment query, I paid Php2500 for my visa when i went there last year. God bless.


  28. lynn says:

    hi po tanong ko lng po what are requirements tourist visa my boyfriend nvite me to visit him in turkey,,.i dont have bank accouunt and im a self employed lng po…but my boyfriend will finance my travel

    • hi lynn,

      I have listed the requirements in this article above. If you have no bank account, you can open one and include it in the required docs. If you are self employed, you can also bring your business permit and other proof of income. You can tell the embassy that your boyfriend will finance your travel. God Bless.


  29. Ailasor says:

    Can i ask you more about it personaly?

  30. Tony says:

    Hi, I would like to ask which gate of Damarinas Village shoud I proceed to take the shuttle? is it the gate near Magallanes or the gate in Pasay road. Please advise me thru my email:


    • Hi Tony,

      I am not from Manila and I can’t picture out which gate. Yeah, it’s true there are two gates because when I went there my taxi that I was riding intend to enter in the first gate but refuse by the guard. However, I still could not exactly tell which gate. My apology. Good Luck anyway.


  31. lynn says:

    hi sir sol,
    tanong ko lang po i have invitation from a friend to visit turkey and she’s the one paying all the expenses the roudtrip ticket…still do i need bank account to show that i have money?bank cerficate po ba nang friend ko needed or just her scan passbok will bo honor?

  32. Angie says:

    Hi Mr. Sol,
    October 31st po kinuha mga papers at passport ko ng embassy, sabi nila antay ko dw ang tawag, pero until now hindi pa nila ako tinatawagan. Pang 10th day npo sa Nov.14th application ko. Pang ilang days po sila tumatawag after po kunin ang documents?
    Thank you so much po.

    • Hi Angie,

      When I applied my visa the embassy did not instruct me to call but instead pick the visa after 10 days. But still you can make a follow up through telephone. Good luck.


  33. Mary says:

    Hi. I am planning to travel in turkey dec14-21. I will meet my boyfriend there. Do they require the plane ticket right away? Because the ticket is so expensive and we have fears what if it will be denies. The ticket will come from his free miles and will only pay 180 euro. Laoag-mla ,mla-hk, hk-ist. I have all other documents with me

  34. Kristine says:

    Hi Mr. Sol,

    Me and my boyfriend is planning to go for a 10-day vacay in Turkey by next year. He’s not turkish and is not living in Turkey either but will shoulder most of the expenses 😀 Now, my question is, is that okay if there’s no invitation from someone who’s a turkish citizen?. And also, what to do with my Bank Cert., Im not gonna deposit any big amt. of money in there as my boyf will handle everything once we get there. Hmmm. Hoping for your kind answers if there’s any 😀 thanks!

    • hi kristine,

      Invitation is not really necessary in travelling to Turkey. Just prove that you can afford to travel back and fort including your accommodation in Turkey. Good luck in your vacation.


  35. Chessy says:

    Hi! I just wanted to know if it’s the Turkey Embassy who decides how long your duration of stay will be, in accordance with the documents you’ve submitted and purpose of stay. I’ve seen in your visa posted above that they gave you 15 days. Is that something you personally requested or is it in your invitation letter that you need to be there for 15 days for the workshop or the Turkey Embassy decided on how long you can stay there, in your case 15 days within 90 days validity.

    • Hi Chessy,

      Actually, the consul will determined your length of stay depending on your answers during the interview. In my case I told the consul that I will stay in Turkey during my seminar. She even asked me if I will stay for a few days right after my seminar and I told her to stay for only 3 days for my sight seeing. So, the consul gave me length of stay I only needed. Hope my answer would suffice your query. Good luck.


  36. julius says:

    hello po mr. sol
    ask lng po ako ano po e lagay sa first port of entry?

    • hi Julius,

      What is your first airport you will land in Turkey wherein you will present your passport to be stamped by the immigration agent that you entered already Turkey? That will be your first port of entry. Good luck.


  37. lynn says:

    hi mr sol
    kinuha po nang embassy lahat nang documents ko and my passport at sabi nla tatawan lang nla ako pero d pa po ako ngbayad…ano po ibig sabihin nito sir? thanks nga po pla sa mga info nyo ha big help po tlga sakin

    • Hi lynn,

      You have a unique experience. Actually, when the consul will take your documents, that could be the sign that your visa is approve following your visa payment. In your case, the consul did not get your payment. I am sorry, I have no idea why the consul did not get your visa payment. I hope your visa is approve. God bless.


      • Izzah says:

        Hello, Sol, I had the similar experience of Lynn, where they got my documents and my passport but they did not get my payment. I applied today 12/29/2015. Would you know if Lynn got approved eventually? This is so sad.

  38. Jey says:

    Hi Sir Sol,

    Sir if my invitation letter na po ba ako at naka indicate na din po dun na yung nag invite po ang mag shoulder lahat ng Expenses at Accommodation ko, wala na po bang hihingiin yung Embassy na Requirement para po doon sa nag invite?

    ,thanks po ulit, big help 🙂

  39. lynn says:

    hi sir sol
    tumawag na po ako sa embassy ang sabi nang operator antayin ko lng po tlga twag nla…sir nung nov.20 po nla kinuha documents ko then sabi tatawagan na lng ako..dec.23 po kc date flight ticket operator lng po tlga pwd makausap wla rin cya sang maibibigay na nfo ..panu po ba e2?
    dec.12 na ngayun

    • Jill says:

      Hi lynn,

      Same thing happened to me when I applied this week. Did the consulate call you for the visa? Were you able to get your visa on time?


    • prpb says:

      Hi Lynn. Same din ang situation ng kapatid ko. Aug 14 application. September 7 na ngayon. Nakuha nyo din po ang visa nyo? Sila po ba tumawag or nag follow up po kayo ulit? Salamat.

  40. Turkey Visa says:


    As per the latest information, PHILIPPINES get the travel/business visa to Turkey online. It calls evisa to Turkey.

    But, they meet must meet all the requirements listed below in order to obtain an e-Visa.
    * My passport covers the period that I will be staying in Turkey.
    * I can prove that I hold a return ticket, hotel reservation and at least 50 $ per each day of my stay.
    * I am travelling for the purposes of tourism or business.
    * I hold a valid supporting document (Schengen visa or a valid visa from any of the OECD member countries; or a valid residence permit of a Schengen or OECD country). e-Visas are not accepted as a supporting document.
    * I confirm that I meet each and every one of the conditions listed above.

    For more assistance

    I hope you will get proper information over there.


    • Hi Turkey Visa,

      I have approved your comment post so that it will give proper information in applying for Turkish visa for Filipino via online. This will also give update to this article as this was written last July 2013. Thank you for the information.


  41. julius says:

    Can I ask sir, if they really have a security deposit? I am planning to accept they emailed me the offer letter, and already have an application for visa.. they said that I need to deposit 1500 euros, for basic travel allowance, which is prior to their law? the letter came from the ministry of labor in Turkey.. is this really true? thanks!

  42. ja says:

    Hi ask ko lang po tatawagan ba ng embassy kpag approved na ung visa? Tnx

  43. Uyen Le says:

    Hi Sol,

    Im planning to visit my boyfriend in Turkey on Feb 23th,2015. Could I apply the Turtisk visa & receive the approved visa before my flight? My nationality is Vietnamese but im working in Manila now. Could I apply this visa in Manila ? Is it easier than going back Vietnam for applying?

  44. John says:

    Hi Sol,

    Thanks to your website! I used it as my guide to fixing my documents for my visa. I went to the embassy this morning and they got my passport, yet said to me to not buy the ticket yet. My release date is February 23. What does this indicate.

    Thanks kaayo!

  45. Christina lastimosa says:

    Hi.. po tanongin ko lang po kung anu ang mga kailangan requirements para sa pag kuha ng visa turkey. Kasi may boyfriend po ako from turkey at balak nya akong papuntahin sa kanila. First time ko po mag ayus ng sariling visa at firSt time din pumunta ng turkey.

  46. Jenny says:

    Turkish Visa application is in the mornings 9-11:30am only. If you have a car, you can park at alphaland and ride a shuttle at Dasma Amorsolo gate near MRT Magallanes. But if you know someone who lives in Dasma, you can tell the guards at Palm Ave gate that you are going to visit your friend. 🙂

  47. Ferdi says:

    good morning ask lang po me kapatid po ako nag-apply cia ng marriage visa kinuha n lhat ng requirement at pinagbayad n pero ung passport niya ndi nila kinuha understood nba un na approve n ang visa nia. Wla po ba sia maging problema sa pag exit sa pinas.

  48. Cynch Molina says:

    Hi! just a head-up, Turkish embassy is asking for 2×2 picture with white background photo not a passport size picture…

    and to those who would want to apply, bring along a bunch of patient upon sending your documents at the embassy. Their secretary is such an unkind person I have ever met. No wonder, there are some filipinos who got their visas denied although they have their full required documents..

    I have to go back on Thursday because of this incident.. Gladys the secretary returned my documents it is simply because, she required a white background 2×2 picture instead of off white background picture only… knowing that they don’t put any picture on the visa …

  49. Roel says:

    Hello sir,
    just in case you know:
    what could be other requirement if I apply a Turkish Visa for my wife? We are from Cebu, but I have a travel to Manila later… Is there additional document like an authorization letter?
    I’ve been calling the embassy, seems like they are very busy.

  50. gelyn asoy says:

    Hi gudpm po..i have a boyfriend in turkey.gusto nya na pumunta aq sa turkey to get married with me i have a permanent residence of him and two government id..

  51. glenn coballes says:

    To whom it may concern, I just wanna ask if what are the requirements in applying a working visa for turkey ‘coz I’m directly hired by marina turkey to work on yacht.. thanks for your response ..

  52. jomai says:

    Hi! Good Day! Your blog is very informative sir. Can you give me a rough estimate of all your expenses when processing your tourist visa? My boyfriend wants me to visit him in Turkey. Is it hard to get schengen tourist visa? Thank you in advance sir! More power! 🙂

  53. Alissa says:

    Hi 🙂 Im 17 years old from manila . I have boyfriend from turkey .next year were planning to marry.. And i need go school there. But now gusto sana naming magbakasyon ako sa Turkey this december 6 because its vacation naman.. Nagbigay na sya ng invitation and others documents.. Meron na din akong passport. Makakakuha kaya ako ng tourist visa for 30 days .kahit im only 17 this year? Please inform me i really need this.. thank youu sir

  54. Laenie says:

    Hello PO tanong ko lng PO ano PO ang requirements dyan sa turkish embassy sa pinas if Student visa kailangan ko.actually dito AKo now sa turkey uwi AKo ng pinas para mag exit gamit Student visa pabalik ng turkey ..ano pa PO ang mga requirements n dapat Kung iPasa dyn sa turkish embassy..thanks

  55. ruby sampang says:

    Hi,magaaply sana ko ng visa,kumpleto naman ako ng mga nasabing dokumento..pero natatakot po ako na baka di maaprubahan at baka matatakan ang passport ko..ano ano po ba ang mga tanong nila sa interview.thanks po

  56. ruby sampang says:

    Saka po pala,ung ticket ko po nka bussiness class and hotel ko po nakafivestar,,pero ang nagbook po nun ay bf ko..di po ba ko ququestionin sa ganun..thanks po uli

  57. mitch ormilon says:

    Hi…how much is the roundtrip ticket using etihad airways?

  58. jd says:

    last time we went there and they didn’t allows us to enter and they’re asking for an appointment letter before entering i was so dissapointed because i want to have a visa to acompany my husband going to Turkey because he is going At TRNC so i had to apply for an appointment letter in order to make a few questions.

  59. jd says:

    February 26, 2016 at 1:40 pm
    last time we went there and they didn’t allows us to enter and they’re asking for an appointment letter before entering i was so dissapointed because i want to have a visa to acompany my husband going to Turkey because he is going to work At TRNC so i had to apply for an appointment letter in order to make a few questions.


  60. maria elizabeth cadawas says:

    My son wanted to visit Turkey because his grand parents are Turkish Nationa…Yes he is a son of a Turkish National and he is using the surname of his father..Does he had a right to visit his fathers country?

  61. Michelle says:

    Hi po.. i have some querries regarding po s pgkuha ng visa.. my cousin in law have a turkish fiancee.. ngpunta po ung turkish d2 bcoz they want to get married in mindanao but unfortunately hinde po nkapasok ung fiancee because of some reason.. two times po un at s pngalawa nlman nlmn na na ban po cia now gus2 ng turkish na pmunta ung mag ina nia s istanbul with their baby.. do u have any idea po qng anu ung mga req? Kc hinde pa cla kasal at ung apelyido ng bta eh s nnay pa kc hinde s turkish.. thank u po…this will be a lot of help po…godbless

  62. Cj Mark says:

    i am a citizen of Nigeria and i am currently in Philippine …please how can i get a visa to turkey

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