How to apply Turkish Visa in the Philippines?

 It was my first time to apply for a Visa to other country by my own. I was quite excited with my travel as it was also the first time I travelled alone outside Asia. Istanbul is actually partly Europe and Partly Asia. Accordingly, it is the only city that has two continents. Well, I have not verified it. I got my ticket from Etihad Airways. I booked the same with a travel agency in Manila, though; I am living in Iligan City, southern part of the Philippines. My ticket allowed me to stay at the Airport in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for 22 hours. I imagined staying at the airport doing nothing. So, I decided to get a transit visa in Abu Dhabi (I will write another blog for this.)

 This blog might be helpful to those Filipino who are dreaming of going to Turkey to see the lovely place.

 I have called the embassy of Turkey before I went to Manila. However, phone inquiries to the Embassy of Turkey are not the solution as they refused to give information by phone.

 I researched through the internet and got their Address:

The Embassy of Turkey in Manila



Before you go to the Address written above you have to prepare your documents so that your visa may be approved. The following are the requirements for visit visa application. Sorry, for those who are planning to apply for Business Visa application, this might be supplementary only to your application but this might not be the main source of information in getting a Visa.

 The Requirements in getting the Turkish Visa:

1.      1.  Complete the application form which is downloadable in the website of the Turkish Embassy. However, when you arrive at the Embassy, forms are also available.

2.      2. You have to attach a passport size photo in the completed application form.

3.      3.  Photocopy of the first two pages of your passport bearing your personal information.

4.       4.  Certificate of employment

5.      5. Your latest Income Tax Return

6.     6.   Bank Certificate. There is no amount requirement but I estimated my cost of going to Turkey and I deposited it to my account.

7.     7.    Letter of invitation. In my case I attended a Global Peace Workshop. So, the organizer sent me letter of invitation for Visa application.

8.     8.  Hotel Accommodation. In my case again, the organizer of the workshop indicated in my letter of invitation that my accommodation and meals are all shouldered by them.

9.       9.    The round trip ticket.

 When you have all the documentary requirements, you must bring them to the Turkish Embassy in Manila. The location of the embassy is inside Dasmarinas Village. You are not allowed to go inside walking or bringing your own car. You have to ride the village shuttle. The cost of the shuttle is Php150. The shuttle will deliver you in front of the gate of the embassy. I intended to apply for a multiple entry visa as the workshop finale would be sightseeing in Batumi, Georgia; however, I was only allowed to get a single entry visa. It costs Php2500. Take note also that the Embassy is open only during Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. No visa application during Wednesday. Visa will be released after 10 days from the date of submission of your documents.

 Good luck on your journey to Turkey.

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8 Comments to “How to apply Turkish Visa in the Philippines?”

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi, can i ask which travel agencies can i have my turkish visa processed with?

    • hi carlos, I am sorry there is no travel agencies which process turkish visa. I am sure of that because I am from mindanao, I dont like to come to Manila just for this purpose but I have no choice.

  2. Rosine Irina M. Fabria says:

    I have a question because my boyfriend is the one inviting me for a 2 weeks visit in istabul Turkey. He’s been living in Turkey for 4 years now and is running business in there. But he is not turkish, his nationality is Nigerian. Does he have to provide an invitation letter for me addressed to the Turkey Embassy in te Philippines? If so, what other documents does he have to submit. Thank you.

  3. Shane says:

    hi, do you need to make an appointment first before going to Embassy? Is the interviewer not strict at all? I will be processing my Turkish visa hopefully by next week.Am glad they don’t have any amount requirement for bank cert. Thanks!

    • hi shane, the embassy is not so strict as compared to other embassy. no need for an appointment. just go to the embassy any day except weekends and wednesdays and bring the necessary requirements.

  4. Chricelda says:

    hello. what if i’m a student and the trip is just a gift for me. but i’m going alone. (by the way im turning 22). is it possible just to have this requirements

    Completed application form. Form is provided at the embassy.
    2. Passport-size photo. To be attached on the form.
    3. Passport and photocopy of the first two pages.
    . Original Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the embassy.

    (good thing i have a friend in turkey) If invited by a Turkish national – Original invitation letter must be notarized in Turkey, affidavit of support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the Turkish IDs and other supporting documents.
    . Round-trip airline ticket.

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