It’s been over a month now that I made my travel to Turkey.  In my previous article, the dilemma that I’ve mentioned was my ticket to Turkey allowed me to stay in Abu Dhabi for 22 hours. That long hours of waiting made me decide to go out the airport and do something worthwhile. I haven’t gone yet to the United Arab Emirates, so I decided to go site seeing.  The problem that I had was I could not go out the airport without a transit visa. A transit visa is required to legally stay in Abu Dhabi for a short period of time. I do the google again to look on how to apply for a transit visa. However, it popped on my mind to go back to Manila and visit the Embassy of the UAE which I could no longer afford to do it. Luckily, google told me that there is an online application for transit visa. Online application is a privilege given to Filipinos only those who travel via UEA with Etihad Airways ticket. Here’s the online step by step Visa application in UEA:

1. Prepare the following soft copy of the following documents (Scanned copy):

a. Passport showing your name and picture. Of course, the page which name indicate also include the date and name of your place of birth, passport number, and the place and date of issue and expiry. (Remember the general rule that a passport must be valid for at least six months.)

b. Passport size colored photo with white background (80% of your face must be visible)

c. Round trip ticket issued by Etihad Airways

2. Visit their website with the following address:

3.  Click online Application Visa

4.  Click radio button (See Image)




5.  Then scroll down and click I confirm then select branch Manila. See Image below.



6. Then fill up Online Application Form.

7. Payment shall be made through Paypal at about US$68 or about Php3000. When I applied for a transit visa in UEA, there is no other online payment gateway except paypal.

Before I forget, the application for transit visa must go with a hotel reservation. Once you can do the above process you will just visit the site to track your application. Once, it will be approved you will be notified by email and you will be given a soft copy attached to the email. You have to print a copy of that transit visa and show it to the Etihad Airways Staff for proper instruction at the airport in Manila. Never forget to claim your original copy of the transit visa at the airport in Abu Dhabi for you to go out the airport. You can go to anywhere of the United Arab Emirates once you have the transit Visa. As for me, I went around Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Good luck and enjoy your tour in United Arab Emirates.

A pose to remember at Abu Dhabi Internation Airport.

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3 Comments on Online Application of Transit Visa in Abu Dhabi

  1. remarie says:

    Hi just want to ask when is the best time to apply transit visa for abu dhabi if im leaving on apr 29 via etihad airways. Thank u

    • hi, remarie. sorry for my delayed reply. You can anytime apply for transit visa in Abu Dhabi. If you have the ticket issued by Ethihad airways, no need for appearance in the embassy. Besides, you can get your visa via email about 3 – 4 days only.

  2. Avis Teo says:

    Hi, would you if a transit visa is still needed if I have a layover in Abu Dhabi for 7 hours without intention of going out of the airport? Salamat!

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