Sol Erwin Diaz on April 1, 2016


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When my wife handed to me a unit of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, I was so happy. The phone is having a great look and feel to my hand. In fact, I like the curb of the screen. It really looks smart. I immediately asked Google the features of the phone. Whoah! This phone is great. The capture of the camera really attracted me very much. However, there are dark sides of this phone. I think, to other people, this dark side may not be so significant. But for me, it is really significant because I often use this features when I had my Samsung Galaxy S5.

Firtly, it does not function the remote to my DSLR. When I had my Samsung Galaxy S5 I often use the remote app for my DSLR, especially, long exposure shot to avoid the camera to shake. Now, I go back using my traditional remote to my DSLR because this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus does not know how to use the app. It will just say that the app is not compatible to my device.

Secondly, it does not function the universal remote control. My Samsung Galaxy S5 gives me a lot of convenience turning off and on my home devices, such as; aircon, tv, dvd etc. It can even turn off and on the cable decoder box. When my kids misplaced the remote control, I will immediately look for my phone and use the remote control app. Now that I have Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, I felt I move backward. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cannot do the remote control app.

Thirdly, it does not have a memory card slot. So, you cannot extend your memory and you will just depend on the phone built-in memory which might be exhausted after you shoot some pictures or record movie clips.

These are my initial observation of the disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. There are still a lot of drawbacks that I have not seen. I will update this article once I observe from my phone. If you know of another drawbacks just leave a comment on the comment box. Thank you.

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Sol Erwin Diaz on March 30, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

When we buy a smartphone, we oftentime disregard its function and usability. We buy it because we wanted to buy an expensive gadget that looks and feel great in our hand. We do not know that there several functions that we can do to make our life easier with our gadget. Here are my five tips that might be helpful in using your smartphone camera. Some of which you might know already but this might worth the sharing.

  1. You can double press your home button to launch your camera.
  2. When you take a selfie, you can use voice control. The camera will automatically take a picture by just saying “cheese”, “smile”, “shoot”, or “record a video”. Just go to camera setting and turn on voice control.
  3. You can take a selfie by just putting your finger at the sensor beside the flash.
  4. You can also take a selfie by using gesture. Hold your hand with your palm facing the camera to have your picture taken after a few seconds.
  5. You can use your volume keys function to take pictures, record video or zoom your camera.

There are still a lot of camera functions that we can discover from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. If you know some, why not drop by the comment box and share your knowledge?

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